Hey followers!

So you’ve probably been wondering about my prolonged absence from my favorite blog during my favorite time of the year…and it’s absolutely killing me, let me tell you…but (un)fortunately, I’m studying abroad in Europe this semester for architecture (10 countries in 10 weeks, we’re an ambitious lot, ha), so I really never have the time to sit down and blog like I know I should. We travel almost every day and finding internet can be hard sometimes, too - luckily though, I’m staying in the same place for three days in a row, but after that it’s back to the grind until November 8!

I’m also having trouble seeing new messages and responding to them, I hate responding publicly because I like to to take the time to respond personally - each of my followers really does mean the world to me! <3 

Let me know if you think I should keep blogging once I get back to the states in the middle of November. I’ve had a few people suggest that I keep blogging year-round (I’ve only ever blogged fall stuff <i>in</i> fall, but if there’s demand, I can always post new stuff other times during the year!)

So thanks for the love, follows, and reblogs, and I apologize in advance if I can’t be in touch! :( Best wishes, and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte for me!!!


white walls.
the world was designed to explore.
weaving through the trees.
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plaid, lessgo.
breakfast heaven.
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&#8230;is better weather.
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